I ZUCAREN (zuccherini biscuits)

Zuccherini are biscuits spread in Emilia-Romagna and in Tuscany. In Romagna, zuccherini do not have a doughnut shape as they do in Emilia and in Tuscany; they are different, preferably almond-shaped, covered with granulated sugar or with minced almonds. In Romagna, zuccherini were also prepared in wood-fired ovens in the past for particular celebrations such as baptisms, communions and confirmations.


In Romagna, like in other parts of Italy, Carnival is a celebration of folklore with masks, fancy costumes and floats, as well as a celebration of traditional sweets, which are often deep fried.


The ‘sabadoni’ are the typical cakes of Massa Lombarda and they are celebrated with a yearly fair. Their name comes from ‘saba’, which is their main ingredient; ‘saba’ is a dark liquid which is obtained by boiling must of grapes.

Bassa Romagna

LA BRAZADELA (Ciambella)

It is the typical local and rural dessert that is eaten after important lunches. It is served with a good glass of sweet wine or with a good Sangiovese wine.

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